Old Time Village Sticker Advent Calendar

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Product Overview

Count down the days until Christmas throughout the month of December by using colorful stickers to fill in the landscape of a lovely Victorian-era village.

With this charming advent calendar, children can start getting ready for Christmas on December 1. Each day, they add a numbered sticker illustration to a lovely backdrop of a Victorian-era village shown on the inside front and back covers. On Christmas Day, they add the final touch - a brightly lit Christmas tree in the town square. To bring this enchanting village to life, simply remove the staples and sticker pages to use the 47 cm x 312 cm laminated backdrop shown on the inside front and back covers; then apply the 25 full-colour sticker illustrations of shops, cottages, and other buildings to the appropriate numbered places on the background scene.

Both children and adults will treasure this beautiful old-time village, complete with shops, cosily lit Tudor-style homes, simple country cottages, and a steepled church - the perfect setting for celebrating a joyful holiday season.

Dimensions: 23cm x 31cm

Publisher: Dover - USA